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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Poem A Day Challenge Prompt 1 - Origins

April 2009 PAD Challenge

Prompt 1 - A poem about origins.


Let's Eat It!

the question, for me

isn’t which came first

so much as who ate first?

I’m curious about

that fried egg

staring back at me

from my breakfast plate

who is this person

that one day thought

let’s crack an egg

cook that gooey stuff?

it will be tasty

with butter and salt!

and what about

the culinary genius

who turned ruined milk

into curds and whey

butter milk and cheese?

it’s rotten milk,

sour and a bit chunky

but hey let’s give it a taste

it might be great!

Grandma always told us

you have to par boil

and drain poke salad

three times or it’s poison

Wikipeda says it’s true

I just wonder who

figured out that

thrice-boiled trick

and did they first

watch two others get sick

and risk tasting the re-boiled

stuff one more time?

I don’t even want to know

why people in Asia

bury cabbage or eggs

and let them rot

who decided rotten food

was a epicurean delicacy

an acquired taste?

and who would want

to acquire such a taste, anyway?

not to mention

calf fries or cow brains

gizzards or tongue

or boiled crawfish heads

I just wonder how

this crazy buffet got started

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