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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hunting the Gawk

April is National Poetry Month. How appropriate is it, then, that I got my email version of the Writer's Digest Newsletter today, where I read that Robert Lee Brewer, of the Poetic Asides blog is issuing a challenge to write a poem a day. He's even providing writing prompts. Here's a clip from today's prompt:

"Since today is the first day of the month, write a poem about a first or a series of firsts. "
Today, being April first, I pondered and decided to write about just that.

The First.

Of April.

We do love to celebrate this interesting holiday around my house. In fact, we enjoy it so, that I spent an hour reading the
April Fools' Day wikipedia article aloud to my kids. You should check it out, it's both educational and entertaining.

Every year, for as far back as we can remember, Sarah has called her grandmother on April Fools' Day, to tell her that our dog ran away. Until recent years, Grandma "fell" for the ruse. Today, Sarah (20 years old) concocted an elaborate story about how she came home drunk, had to be carried into the house by friends, got into a huge fight with me, her mother, and ended up being kicked out of the house. She planned to tell Grandma that she came home today to find her belongings at the curb, along with evidence that I had also banished her dog to the curb as well. On top of all the horrible things she's been through today...you guessed it...the dog ran away.

But today, Grandma beat Sarah to the punchline.

She called to tell Sarah that her uncle had run away from home.

Much giggling ensued.

Little did Sarah know it at the time, but her parents and younger sister were at home devising the Best-April-Fools'-Day-Prank of 2008. While Sarah was at lunch, and on the phone with her grandmother, we were here, at home...changing the locks on her bedroom door, and posting an evicton notice:

I apologize for the blurriness of the photo. Here's what it says:



Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are forced to give notice of your eviction from these premises effective Tuesday, April 1, 2008 (immediately). Thank you for your understanding, and we wish you luck in all your future endeavors. Sincerely, THE MANAGEMENT.


The fine print reads:

Happy April Fools' Day!


When Sarah saw it, she laughed out loud, then begged us for the key. And we laughed at her, as we are wont to do. Her 18 year old brother, Jotham got a similar eviction notice. He simply shrugged with his usual aplomb.

So, in honor of this FIRST, I submit to you, my first poem for the April Poem-A-Day Challenge:

first of April
April fish
hunting the gawk
hoping to catch you
off your toes
made for laughter
changed locks
upside down clocks
opportunity knocks
do you answer?
take a moment
share a smile
let out a giggle
watch out
mind your step
peel your eyes
tune your ears
tomorrow is too late
today is the date
don’t wait
until next year
this memory
is worth it

~TLS, April 2008

Happy Poissin d'Avril, everyone!


MidnightMom said...

LOL! Cute poem! I loved reading your April Fools funnies; I am so uncreative and thought all day of something to do, but, in the end, we did nothing :( Next year, I shall have to begin thinking far ahead of time!! I do love to hear what others are doing, however. Hope you all are well, I miss you!

Childlife said...

Oh,this is brilliant! :D

Your family cracks me up because it is much like the one I grew up in. My brother was (and is) the most horrendous prankster. He once collected dead bugs for who knows how long and added them to my shampoo bottle. How would your St. Vitus dance hold up to that one, TaunaLen? ;)

Loved your daughter's serial run-away dog story! That's just hilarious ~ and so was your eviction notice!

P.S. Another award for you at my place in my April 1 post (and no, it's not a joke...) :)

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