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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Spinning a Spooky Web

Last night was, of course, Halloween, and though we don't go in for the blood-and-guts monsters, or the walking-dead-flavor of fear, we do enjoy exploring the creepy nature of---well, nature.

A year ago, we decorate the house with scary giant bird silhouettes, bird-tracks, and a feathery wreath. The soundtrack for Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds played in the background, greeting our costumed guests.

It made for great memories, and we were satisfied.

Until this year.

Charlotte's visit in late September inspired lots of creepy feelings as we watched her repair her orb-shaped-web---dispensing gauzy threads from her full-figured abdomen. When she caught something in her sticky trap, she scuttled like lightning along the strands, and wrapped it so quickly, a blink meant you missed it. We watched, fascinated, night after night as she went about her spidery business. Sarah was so creeped out, she had to watch from behind the glass of our front door.

When the time came to decorate for Halloween, the choice was simple. Fearsome spiders were our best option.

The spider webbing was sticky, stretchy, and fun. We wrestled it for two afternoons, getting it just right.

By the time we were finished, it looked like Charlotte had invited her brothers and sisters and cousins, and taken over the house.

We hot glued spiders of all sizes to the siding, and crafted egg sacs from styrofoam balls and white knee-highs.

I'm particulary proud of this wreath, I combined black flowers with orange and grey gauzy leaves, and spiders. Hot glue makes beautiful spider-web-like strands, but they're covered by the stretchy webbing you see above.

Here's a closeup of the wreath. Isn't it deliciously dreadful?

I'm sure the mailman appreciated our seasonal mailbox. He still delivered the mail. I wonder if he had nightmares because of these leggy critters? (Don't mind the dirt on my mailbox. Spiders are messier than you might think.)

Larry rigged up two large spiders to climb the door when it was opened. Sarah said she would tell herself every night upon coming home, that the spiders were gonna move---the spiders were gonna move---but they still gave her the jitters when they did.

This centerpiece is overrun with little black spiders, but we decided to not light the candles, because the queen spider built her lair right above the table.

Larry also rigged up this queen spider to lower herself on a thread as the door opened. It was the highlight for our trick-or-treaters.

She dropped fluidly from her perch on the ceiling,

and seemed to wave her legs as she settled into the web below.

She was a big hit!


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

eeeekkkkk! Martha Stewart move over!

Ken Lane said...

Your arachnid themed porch was exquisite. I would say leave it up longer, but you might get some complaints from the neighbors. Still, its worth it to see Sarah scare herself time after time, after time, after time...

childlife said...

Aaaaack! Where's the raid?? The kiddos will be having nightmares for weeks! ...Get my last email? :}

Nicole said...

I absolutely love all your spider webs and spiders everywhere. It looks great!

Oh, and congratulations. You won my bloggy giveaway at my blog. Stop by and then send me your address to simplywriting at gmail dot com.

Bev said...

I bet the kids in your neighborhood loved stopping by your house - looks like a lot of fun!

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