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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oh Autumn, I'm Ready For You!

So, I spent yesterday afternoon outside. In absolutely glorious, almost-long-sleeved-shirt weather, hanging wreaths and leaf garland, and setting up an ever-so-pleasing candle arrangement on my front-porch-converted-birdbath-conversation-table.

Then, since I had the decorations out anyway, I spread orange and red and brown and gold goodness throughout the library and the den. After a trip to Dollar Tree, I went a little crazy added some finishing touches. And I'm happy to announce that I'm ready for Autumn, and all his glorious finery!

I now present---the photos:

Here's my front door. Don't look at the paint job on the glass door frame. We have issues. The door frame is embarrassed, but a new paint of coat hasn't found a place on my to-do list, yet.

To the right of my front door is a seating area with a little table and two chairs. Above that is this window. The sensor you see in the bottom of the window is for one of those atomic clocks that tells you the time and temperature and everything but what to serve for lunch. Sadly, the clock doesn't work, and the sensor spent all summer in the window, for no reason at all. I think I'll go right now, and toss the poor thing in the trash.

Here is the table I mentioned before. I covered the river stones in the birdbath with a handful of leaves, and then replaced the glass tabletop. These candles look really cool when it's dark outside. Kind of hard to photograph, though.

On the left of my front door is a huge picture window, flanked by two smaller windows. My man-child #1, woman child #2 and I had fun rigging this wreath. It's hung from fishing line in three different places across the top of the window, and then sewn to the screens on the flanking windows near the bottom. No fall storm is gonna blow this baby down, you can bet on it!

Here's a closeup of the wreath. You can see the fishing line. You can imagine how handy that will be when we add spider webs and other creepy stuff next month!

In the window at the corner of the house, Mouse the wonder cat guards against spiders! Mouse is my bug hunter, and he takes his job seriously. (He's afraid of anything bigger than a golf ball, so he would theoretically leave the mice to the other two cats.)

Now he's just posing for the camera. Attention hog!

Hanging out on the mailbox by the door is this cute little crow, all decked out in her best autmn dress. Take a good look at this little lady, she's gonna be going on a trip, soon.

I'll be awarding her to the bloggy-buddy who comes up with the best names for my new Quaker parrot babies. Isn't she the cutest thing?!

Now the front door is open, so y'all come on in to the library.

Here's the table by the door, all decked out. The diploma in the frame to the left belongs to my oldest daughter. We display it proudly, so her siblings can gaze upon it in awe and be inspired while they attend to their homeschool tasks.

I have a table in the library that serves as a desk or a place to play games. When it's not covered in books and papers. I like for it to look pretty. So, I set out this lovely iron chandelier over the top of another leaf-pile-under-glass ensemble. (I like those.) I eventually hope to hang this chandelier somewhere in my house. But I can't decide where she wants to live, yet.

Here's a closeup. You may think I wanted you to see the detail on this fine Dollar Tree ceramic pumpkin---and it is a beauty. But what I really wanted to point out is the cobweb clinging to the scroll under the chandelier candle. I've been cultivating these cobwebs all over the house in preparation for Halloween. I'm nothing if not mindful of being prepared for upcoming holiday creepiness!

Above the window in the library I added some leafy garland, and I think it looks just spiffy next to my "Believe" sign. Check out that orange wall. I'm awfully proud of that beauty! I painted it with just this season in mind. Below this area is the window where my teenagers sit at their computers. I'll save you the horror of having to see a picture of that mess. After all, it's only September.

I have fireplaces in both the library and the den. It's quite cozy in the winter! Here you see the mantle in the library, and the portrait in the center was a gift from a family friend. Funny thing is, I'm not a blonde, or a redhead (depending on how you interpret the artwork.) I'm a brunette. But we love the painting anyway. Note the elliptical trainer visible in the bottom of this picture. Chances are, if you looked closely, you'd find some cobwebs being cultivated there as well.

Here are a few close-up shots of the mantle.

This book is even better on the inside!

This clock hasn't kept time in years. But I think it's pretty.

On the bookshelves flanking the fireplace I have this squishy pumpkin,

and this ceramic pumpkin cookie-jar.

In the hallway, on the way to the kitchen, there's this cabinet. I keep my collection of skeleton keys in this area. There are more, including a skeleton key clock, but I had to crop out the thermostat and the doorbell chimes, so you'll have to visit if you wanna see more.

On your way through the kitchen, grab a handful of candy-corn.
They're my favorite this time of year.

The den is where we relax and watch television, and where we eat our meals. It's like a living/dining room combo! Here's the fireplace with a window mirror in the fireplace opening. I put it there for the summer, along with some candles. This winter, we will have a roaring fire big enough to heat most of the house. The mirror really needs to be cleaned. Look at those streaks; I'll have to dock the maid's pay!

On the top of my Mimi's hutch I have my favorite red-birds and some more garland.

Here's the centerpiece on the dining room table. These candles smell like peach pie a' la mode!

A closeup.
This one is to show the detial on the fine Dollar Tree ceramic pumpkin.
No cobwebs here. Sorry.

On the other side of the dining room table I have a beautiful antique buffet. The brown walls lend themselves nicely to the seasonal decor, don't you think?

The pitcher and basin were a Christmas gift. The teaspoon belonged to my grandmother and the bell was my Mimi's.

The teapot came with the pitcher and basin and these tongs were my grandmother's too.

The candelabra in the back was my mother's. The brass candlestick and the square bottle were flea market finds, and the cloisonne' salt-cellar and pepper shaker set were my Mimi's.

On the top of my television armiore are some lovely autumnal candles, and a few more familial treasures:

These two coffee mugs belonged to my grandpa. They actually have guards inside them to protect his moustace from the hot liquid. I love these cups so much, I'm writing a piece about them. So, look for it in the distant future!

The white votive holders you see in the foreground - all I can say is "Thank you, Dollar Tree!" And the white angel is a Christmas gift to myself. It represents my oldest daughter, Sarah, who is preparing to leave home next spring. I'll have to increase this angel collection by one this Christmas, as my son prepares to leave next fall. The days are passing quickly.

So, there you have it. The extent of my Autumn decor. I'll supplement with more cob-webs and scary stuff next month for Halloween. But this stuff will stay up until the weekend after Thanksgiving, when the Great-Christmas-Decorating-Extravaganza will begin! I can't wait.

As for Mouse the wonder cat. He's not impressed in the slightest.

Happy Fall, Y'all!


Dollymama said...

That's it. I'm moving in to YOUR house. It looks WAY prettier than mine!

(and now I'm contemplating a trip to Dollar Tree as well....)

justabeachkat said...

Enjoyed the tour! Everything looks great!


Donetta said...

Oh how fun! I love your front door. The decorations are inspiring. I want to go back into the attic and get some leaves out now! The place looks so inviting. I want some cider now.

childlife said...

Ooooo! Now I want to get decorations out! Our first leaves just started falling this week : )

I have something for you over at my place...

susan said...

Everything is just so pretty. Fall is my favorite time of year.

Kari said...

I love it all! My Dollar Tree wasn't as good to me, though. I ended up at a Garden Ridge (do you have those up there?). I got a few ceramic pumpkins...still got my eyes open for more, though. I'm just NEVER satisfied.

I REALLY like your brown walls. I love brown. It does something for me! lol And I love Mouse - he looks like he's paying close attention to everything happening around him. Too funny. And let's see, I also love your "believe" sign and...oh heck, I just love it all! And that red door - ooh,la,la! lol You know how much I'm diggin' a red door these days. Oh why don't we live closer together? The fun we could have with all this holiday decorating!!!!

Bev said...

I decorated for fall this last week too. Such a pretty time of year, I love everything about it. Your house looks lovely all decked out, and doesnt $ Tree have the best stuff?!

Shalene said...

Very pretty decorations. I think I may want to do that as well. I'm not a big fan of Halloween, and would just as soon skip it, but I do like the pumpkins and harvest type decorations that usually come along with the season. Blessings to you, and thanks for stopping by my blog. In Him, Shalene

Anonymous said...

your house is warm, and loving.... like your whole family is.

stay dry!

oh, did i tell you about the Christmas play?

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