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Friday, September 14, 2007

A Bird by Any Other Name

Well, since I'm taking a break from the seriousness of honing my writing craft, I decided I couldn't stay away! I need your help, my bloggy friends.


We adopted two 'special needs' baby quaker parrots from a bird-loving friend, and I'm having trouble coming up with creative names. They are brothers, hatched two days apart, and are both 'splay-legged'. Splay-leg is a common bird problem, caused by vitamin deficiency, or injury in the early days in mama's nest, among other things.

If caught early enough, splay-leg can often be corrected, but by the time it was discovered in my boys, it was too late. So, they needed a good home with lots of TLC. We consider ourselves lucky to welcome these babies into our home. They are very gentle and loving. They do very well climbing around inside their bird condo, and they love to fly around the room every afternoon.

The older brother is a sweetie, deluxe. His right leg is quite out of joint and he carries it up in the air. He's very gentle, offering kisses, and nibbling on our fingers. The lady we got these birds from took to calling him 'High-Five'. It's cute, but it's just not IT.

Plus the name 'High-Five' doesn't offer a great 'counterpart' name for his younger brother. This one's legs are more functional, but still spread too far apart. He's a bit like a bow-legged cowboy! He is the pushier of the two birds, but he's also very helpful and protective with the other bird. (See how awkward it's becoming -- this bird and that bird. We're desperate for names, people!)

We're a literary family. We love books, and movies, and even television. We're hoping for names that are reminescent of teams like Wilbur and Orville, Butch and Sundance -- while incorporating a reference to the funny foot-in-the-air-thing the oldest bird has. To help you in your deliberations, let me tell you about the names of our other pets.

Long ago we had a tortise-shell cat named Willow. when she died at 14 years old, we adopted a new tortise-shell and named her Sequoia. Later Sequoia had a kitten named Juniper -- she didn't survive more than a week. We're fond of the whole tree theme with these cats.

We have a 17 year old cat named Bagheerah. He's striped, huge, and has green eyes. He looks like he belongs in the jungle, hence the Jungle Book inspired name.

Our third cat's name is Mouse. Because when we got him, you could hold him in the palm of your hand. He's turned out to be a cat with a complex. He's afraid of strangers and very easily startled. We planned to shorten his name to Mau (Egytpian for cat) when he grew bigger, but Mouse fit his personality so well, it just stuck.

As for the dogs, they are all three Heelers. One is a red Heeler with a red and black coat. Her name is Phoenix Fire. The second is a Blue Heeler, with lots of silver in her coat. We named her Mercedes, and call her Sadie, for short. The third is a Red Merle Heeler named Ginger Cayenne.

As you can see, clever names are very important to us. So, my internet friends, please take the stopper out of your bottles of creativity oil, and let it pour! Save these sweet birds from being forever labeled "Starsky and Hutch" (my beloved hubby's idea.)

In return for the best names, I will send a special yet-to-be-determined prize!

You'll like it!

I Promise!

Thank you from the bottom of my bird-loving heart!


Kari said...

Well. What a challenge. I'm afraid that my imagination is second only to my spelling ability when it comes to "literary things I lack". I've racked my brains, but have only come up with a few duos...

Legolas and Gimli (from Lord of the Rings - the Elf and the Dwarf)

Peregrin aka Pippin and Meriadoc aka Merry, (also from Lord of the Rings)

Atticus and Boo Radley (from To Kill a Mockingbird, of course)

and my all time best answer and personal favorite and will never understand how you couldn't just jump all over this particular set of names:

Artoo and Threepio...from that all time classic Star Wars!

I know, I know...I would have been better served wishing you good luck and leaving it at that. But I had to find a way to say Artoo and Threepio without sounding like they were the only 2 characters on my mind. lol And still...they may not be as high-brow as some other suggestions you're likely to get, but they're classics. Yes ma'am. Don't kid yourself. You won't find any 2 names better than these. (Okay...I'll stop campaigning! I know I'm just embarrassing myself. I'm just saying, though...)

Rhonda said...

My African Greys' are named Amos and Andy and yes, finding creative names can really be tough!

carrie said...

Hmm I'm not seeing a problem with Starsky and Hutch..but if that's not your style...how about Bo and Luke? Or hmmm...Cap'n Jack and Cap'n Will? Let's see what else...Mutt and Jeff? Batman and Robin? Abbott and Castello? Dumb and Dumber? Spongebob and Patrick? Waylan and Willie? Gunner and Matthew (Nelson)? Paul and John? Ringo and George? Bugs and Elmer? Beavis and Butthead? Bill and Ted? Jay and Silent Bob? Wayne and Garth? Amos and Andy (I think that's been mentioned..)? Fred and Barney? Ralph and Norton? Andy and Barney? Magnum and Higgins? Tubbs and Crocket? Laurel and Hardy? Rowan and Martin? Thing 1 and Thing 2? Penn and Teller? Siegfred and Roy? Ok I'm all named out...LOL!!

susan said...

My first thought was to call those rolly polly babies the Twiddle Brothers...Dee and Dum. And it's even literary, from Alice in Wonderland.

My second thought...well, I don't have one...

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I would totally go with Castor and Pollux.

childlife said...

Cosmo and Don?

Darcey and Bingley?

Inigo and Fezzik (Ini and Fez for short)?

Hook and Smee?

Can't wait to hear what you settle on - they're really cute?

justabeachkat said...

Hmmmmm....I'm thinking, which is dangerous! I'll sleep on it and see if I can come up with something.


Scratchin' the Surface said...

How about Chester and whatever they called James Arness on Gunsmoke. Chester walked with a limp. Or Moses and Aaron, or Jacob and Esau. Maybe you could research some great high-jumpers or hurdlers from the past? We usually get our pet names from baby books online or some sports player if the boys get a vote.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Ruth and Idgie? or maybe after the Peaveys- Naughty Bird and Sipsey
All from the novel Fried Green Tomatoes!

childlife said...

TaunaLen - Just checking back to see if you had named the little guys and I noticed I ended my comment with a '?' Didn't mean to say 'they're really cute?' - meant to say 'they're really cute!!' : ) (That's what I get for late night commenting!)

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