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Monday, August 20, 2007

Molly Dooker

Yes, I am left-handed. One in 10, I am an anomaly. I can hear you all nodding your heads in agreement and nudging each other in sudden comprehension. This revelation explains a great deal, does it not?

I am sure I struggled in grade school with those right-handed scissors. I could never seem to slant my paper just so as I wrote my alphabet; and I guess I was always bumping elbows in the cafeteria with lunch buddies who ended up sitting next to me.

I’m still learning to adapt to the right-handed world we live in. My right-handed husband and I do not always agree about where things should be stored in the kitchen. I often set the table with the forks on the right side of the plate, without giving it much thought. I even catch myself extending a left-hand for shaking during an introduction. That can have awkward results. But, I do quite well as a grown-up with can openers, cameras, scissors and such. I did notice recently that toilets flush on the left side. I wonder what that means.

I also wonder if maybe my left-handedness is what keeps me from being a great artist. You see, I think I remember all my grade school art teachers being right-handed. So in the confusion of drawing cats with lopsided ears and stringy looking whiskers, twisted-legged dogs, or playground scenes with leaning trees and an egg-shaped sunshine, it didn’t take long for me to figure out that what I saw in my heart did not translate to the Big Chief tablet with my Crayola crayons – evidently I was my instructors were using the wrong hand.

Maybe that’s why I fell in love with words, and ditched the artist dream. I may not be able to sketch a beautiful young woman, and capture the way her hair falls along her cheek, just so, or the way her eyes look as she gazes into the distance dreaming of a beautiful black stallion with a white star on his forehead. But I can line words up on a page, and make you see the way the sunlight through the leaves dapples her green and blue shirt as she settles herself into the fork of her favorite tree, and gets lost in the pages of Charlotte’s Web.

So, give me your keyboards with the numeric keypads on the right. I’ll adapt. Throw a pencil sharpener my way, and I’ll sharpen my lead by twisting the sharpener instead of the pencil. And if you don’t mind the ink smear on my pinky, I’m sure we can work out a really cool left-handed handshake if we put our (right) minds together.

For all my fellow left-handers out there, a belated Happy Left-Hander’s Day. (August 13th).

This post is part of my 8 Random Things About Me response to Lavender Chick’s tag. Be sure and come back for Random Thing Topic #2 later this week.

P.S. TAG, Coffee Mom, You're It! - Share 1 (or 8) random thing(s) about yourself, and turn it (each one) into a blog topic.


Kari said...

You know, as a lefty, it was drilled in me that I had to adapt. I remember my parents telling me that my teachers tried to get me to write with my right hand but I just wouldn't do it. But I must have been fairly "weak" on every other aspect! lol In softball, I bat left-handed (but throw right-handed). But other than writing, I think batting's the only thing I actually do left-handed. I wouldn't know what to do with a pair of left handed scissors to save my life! Still - whenever I see someone writing with their right hand I think "they're doing that wrong". lol

I do enjoy the way you write (and I'm not talking handwriting since I've never seen that kind of writing from you!). You have a way with words, as they say. Makes it a pleasure to read your blog.

SingForHim @ Real Life said...

My middle daughter is a lefty! Sometimes I forget when I'm trying to teach her something. One time, She said in a frustrated huff, "No, mom, I really am right handed!" I'm trying not to communicate that right-handedness is "normal," but it seems like simply the word "right" does that, huh?

I never realized that was why she turned the sharpener instead of the pencil! Thanks!

PS Just let me know which post you want to use for the carnival. I'm glad you're participating!

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