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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Making Nice

Well, it' been one heckuva week around my house. I love my teenagers, but golly parenting them can sometimes make you want to yank out your eyebrows, and your fingernails, and your 'it's been too long since I shaved my legs' stubble.


I apologize for that.

In the meantime...

I did want to say thank you to both
Deena at Wholly Devoted and Mrs. Pivec over at Golightly Place for their kindness and generosity in presenting me with this:

If there's anything I strive to be in blogland, it's nice and friendly, and I've found both of these ladies to be just that. I am flattered, and thankful that they thought of me. You can read more about this award here, and I'd like to pass it along to someone who hasn't already recieved it...

So, congratulations
mamaglop, and SimpliciTea. You both deserve this one I enjoy reading your posts, and and thankful for your friendship!

Speaking of thankful...

I'm really thankful that I'm part of a two-parent team. I love my husband, and we've been double-teaming said 'teenagers' and holding everything together. I am so glad he's here to catch me.

I am working on another
8 Random Things About Me Topic post. I hope to have it up tomorrow, as long as I don't find the need to bury a teenager in the back yard and head for the border. (For you government types who are keeping tabs on my blog, that part about buried teenagers was a JOKE! Honest.)

So, have a great Thursday, all, and I'll check in again soon.


MidnightMom said...

AHH! Thank you! That is seriously an honor...I'm just one of a million bloggers, but it sure is fun to be read, to make friends (such as yourself) and to express my life through words. Loved your Thursday Thankfuls too...I hope to get mine done, but it's been one of those weeks. Sounds like you're having one also down in OK. SO glad you aren't flooded like some other residents down there in your state.

Thanks again!! Talk to you soon, my friend {{hugs}} ~Danielle
PS--hope you can shave your legs rather than pulling out the hairs...LOL...how I can relate!!

Kari said...

Tauna, Tauna, Tauna...you know you can't bury your teenagers in the backyard. The little beggars will only dig their way out and then track mud all through your house on the way to the fridge. Instead, you must bind their flailing arms to their sides, prop their eyeballs open with toothpicks and make them watch gardening shows with you for about 8 hours solid. In the beginning, it WILL be necessary to place a gag across their mouths, but after approximately 1 hour, they will be so slack-jawed with depression and regret that the gag will no longer be needed. I've always found this to be a more than adequate revenge...,er...I mean, discipline for my children and am more than happy to share this secret with you. Good luck! Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

If, however, any government types show up at your front door looking to haul you in for threatening your offspring, stop by and pick me up on the way to the border. We can make Mexico in no time at all. Especially in my teenager's car (may as well take his - it's faster than mine!).

susan said...

I was going to say that I could totally relate to the whole nail-pulling idea, but Kari's idea makes so much more sense.

I'm very much counting the days until school starts!

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