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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Day in the Doorway

I read the funniest thing on The_Queen_Bea's site yesterday. Go there. Read and laugh. I'll wait here for you.

The challenge originated with Kween_of_the_Queens, and I've decided to participate:

"the challenge. . .choose any inanimate object. . . such as your front door, your floor, your closet, your toothbrush! Anything you want, and no, it doesn't have to be connected with your house. . .any object you want! Give it a personality or thought process. . .then tell us what's going on in it's head!"

A Day in the Doorway

You know, a door rarely gets a chance to sleep. I appreciate days like this, when the summer sun filters in through the glass, and I get to stand wide open to the world. I doze in the warmth of the sun, and sleepily wait.

Soon the teenagers will be home from their part-time jobs, and will rush through my space on their way to hug their mom and grab some lunch. Lately they’ve paused for a moment in my shelter to wipe the rainwater from their feet and their hellos echo through the library. I love that sound.

This week, a little one has been in and out, in and out, playing in the summertime sun. I watch through the glass as she leaps through the sprinkler and giggles with the other neighborhood kids. Yes, she interrupts my afternoon nap with her coming and going for a drink of water, a trip to the bathroom, and an occasional scraped knee that needs a bandage and a kiss. But I don’t mind. Her energy and joy make me smile.

Later, evening will creep over the horizon and the mother will come and close the blinds. She will shut me tight, and engage my lock, trusting me to guard her family against the dark night. I will stand tall and strong, never shirking my duties as the sentry for this home. Inside I hear music as voices and dishes clatter. The house is almost full, but I wait patiently for the other two who belong here.

The noises inside will grow quiet as I hear goodnight wishes echoing off of the walls. The porch light will shine and I’ll peer into the blackness, waiting for the lights in the driveway. Soon they will appear, first the daughter who will trudge wearily across my step and drop her laptop bag on the floor. She’ll slip off her shoes, and I’ll hear the refrigerator door open as she searches for the leftovers from dinner. As she gathers herself to go to bed, the second set of lights will capture my attention, and father will come wearily up the walk.

Sigh. With everyone home, safe behind my strength, Father will close me again for the night, engage the lock and set the alarm. I will stand through the night, listening to the sounds of my family, sleeping in their beds. I’ll watch the street, guarding against any danger or threat. As the moonlight streams across the lawn, I’ll feel a presence in the air.

Yes, they will arrive one by one. These great winged beings which stand guard with me. They will take up their positions, at each window, each corner, and one heavenly friend will assume his post beside me. Together we’ll stand guard and protect the precious people inside.

Later, the sun will light the sky, and father or daughter will open me wide to the morning. They’ll both rush out quickly, tossing “I love you” words over their shoulders, and a new day will have begun. The children will grab their breakfast and rush by on their way to work again, and I will hear mother in the kitchen, pouring a cup of tea to start her day. As I drift off for a quick nap in the sunlight, I’ll whisper my thanks, again. I love being a part of this home.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

What an interesting project! I'm going to think about how my swimming pool sees me as I'm lounging in it this afternoon :-)

susan said...

This is just beautiful. What a happy door you have!

Mrs. Pivec said...

You are such a fine storyteller, TaunaLen. This was really beautiful and it was a surprise ending for me. I don't often think of angels, but I love being reminded of them!

Thank you! :)

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