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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gray Matter

Well, I did it.

I noticed a gray hair shining against my normally brunette locks, and instead of plucking it out of my head, as I have for more than 8 years, I just left it alone.

Am I getting old?

I noticed my first gray hair on my sister’s wedding day. I don’t think there was any connection…really. But I was only thirty-two years old. I thought that was kind of young for gray. But I plucked it out, showed my sister, and we laughed over it. And I’ve been plucking gray hairs ever since.

It used to be that I’d find a gray hair in the mirror once every couple of months, then one or two a month. Now it’s up to every two or three days -- all in the same general area – shiny, coarse, and right on the top of my head. Pluck, pluck, pluck…and life goes on.

But this morning as I was brushing my hair, I saw another one. And I thought…”What’s the use? I’ll just find another one tomorrow.” So, I pulled my hair back in a clip, brushed my teeth, and started my day. But it’s niggling there in the back of my mind. Not the fact that there’s a gray hair there on the top of my head, but the fact that I left it. I quit fighting, quit plucking, and just accepted it.

Who knows, maybe I’ll just pluck it tomorrow with any others that I find. Or maybe not. But I think I’m resigned to the passage of time, and the onset of middle-aged-ness. Sigh. And I guess, in a way, that’s a good thing. Might as well celebrate the joy of life right where I am, right?

And maybe I’ll just start buying brunette-in-a-bottle.


Mrs. Pivec said...

Just popped over from Coffee Mom's place after I saw your icon. I love clotheslines, generally, and my new one, specifically! :)

I've gotten grays since I was 28 and I've colored my hair since I was 19. I'm sorry that I didn't appreciate the color God gave me and that I felt I needed to change it, because I've never been able to get it fully back!

Well, actually, when my hair was cut short for a while (similar to how it is now), I think it was natural, but that was when I was 30 and the grays had already started! So, it didn't stay natural for long.

My hair always eventually turns red with the coloring - even if I color it "Light Ash Brown" - and that seems to be what I'm fighting. Not that the red is so bad, but it's just that as my brown roots come in, they don't match! So the endless cycle has been to try to match my roots over... and over again.

Recently, I just colored the part that had been colored - and not the roots - including those little wiry grays. At this point, I'm willing to try to have the majority of my head all the same color - even if it does mean a few gray hairs here and there.

But, who knows... maybe they'll start to bug me too.

What a way to introduce myself, eh? With a gray-hair discussion! LOL!

BTW, it didn't quite look to me like you had writers block in your last post! You seemed to get quite a bit down. Do you have any of Natalie Goldberg's books such as "Writing Down the Bones" and "Wild Mind"? She has terrific prompts in there - they are classics!

Deena said...

My sister actually told me it's time to start coloring my hair...'cause the gray in it blinds her!!

Tough! I'm too lazy to keep up with the roots...so it'll just keep getting gray...

But I say, better turning gray than turning loose:-)

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