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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Telephone Pictionary


"One picture is worth a thousand words."

~Fred R. Barnard

"Observe Everything. Communicate Well. Draw, Draw, Draw."

~Frank Thomas, Disney Animator

"Half this game is 90% mental."

~Danny Ozark, manager of the Phillies


Thanks to Mamaglop, our family learned a new game last week, and spent not one, but TWO evenings around the dining room table, laughing our way through it. The game is pretty simple: You start with small pieces of paper. Each player recieves a stack equal to the number of players at the table (adding or subtracting to make the number odd). Each player numbers his stack, then writes a sentence on the first page. Then, everyone passes their stack to the next person. Each player reads the sentence on his new stack, transfers that page to the bottom of the pile, then illustrates that sentence on page two. Then, everyone passes their stack to the next person. Each player views the illustration, transfers that page to the bottom of the pile, then writes a sentence, explaining the illustration. Then everyone passes their stack to the next person.

This process continues until the stacks are complete - you want to end with a sentence, not a drawing. We found it was funnier that way. The stacks should be back with their original owners, at this point, and here the fun begins: Each player in turn reveals the sentences and drawings on his stack of papers, sharing how the starting sentence in the sequence becomes mutated as it it passed around the table in a sentence / illustration / sentence / illustration frenzy.

Let's just say, there's nothing like laughter to draw a family of four teenagers and two adults together.

Here are two samples of our funniest sequences. As the night went on, the sentences got more creative, as players realized it could be funnier.

Example 1:

Sentence page 1: The meteor shower hit the earth at 3:00 am; we watched it while eating a box of oreos and wearing solar suits.

Sentence page 3: While we were packing egg cartons, a meteor shower hit the earth at precisely 3 o'clock.

Sentence page 5: Global warming and the greenhouse effect were the worst of thier problems, as a meteor was heading for earth in less than 3 hours.

Sentence page 7: The kids played soccer in the back yard from 2:59 until 3:00; they broke three balls in that time period.

Example #2:

Sentence page 1: The moustache guard in the coffee cup kept Grandpa's moustache dry.

Sentence page 3: The golden star service at the Flying J (a truck stop) fed the moustached man bread and jam from an enormous teacup; midgets or elves watched closely.

Sentence page 5: Waiter, there's a fly in my soup and a dwarf bothering me.

Sentence page 7: The bartender was angry because the customer had no table and the waiter couldn't see anything.

Funny how things can get twisted and intentions can be misunderstood. When each player would read their original sentence, you could hear collective "OH!"s from around the table, as the light finally went on. I've never laughed so much since the last time we watched Sarah watching America's Funniest Videos on television. Her uncontrolled laughter is more entertaining than the videos themselves.

Laughter truly is the best medicine - How will you get your recommended daily allowance?


Elise said...

This sounds like a blast! I can't wait until our children are old enough to write well and participate!

Jonathan Brown said...

Great game! Here it is for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch! http://telephonepictionaryapp.blogspot.com/

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